Is a Weekend Interview good or bad?

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3 min readDec 29, 2020


When the word interview comes, the mind starts thinking about the career. Many applicants apply for jobs but few are shortlisted based on their requirements. Out of few applicants only half of the applicants are called for interviews.

As an applicant, Have you ever thought about why this is happening in many IT industries?

Hmmmm…….. 🤔

I am not sure how many of you are thinking in the right way as a company thinks.

It’s simple. Just 4 why is the answer.

Here are the few reasons to do that from the point of company view,

  1. Why should an organization invest so much time in interviewing every applicant?
  2. Why can’t an organization shortlist only based on their exact requirements as they are looking for?
  3. Why can’t an organization shortlisted applicants still be shortlisted in a way they are really looking for such candidates?
  4. Why can’t I get an applicant who is already experienced in the domain?

Now coming to the point of having interviews on weekends.

Now we know exactly how an organization is looking for a candidate or an applicant. Which means an organization should be flexible for that candidate to attend interviews based on their free timings. The more flexible you are with the candidates in scheduling the interview, the best impression the company gets from the candidates.

Based on the research conducted previously, most of the candidates prefer having interviews when they are free rather than having on work days as it may impact their work or some needs to take a leave. Imagine if a candidate is attending many interviews and every interview is scheduled on weekdays which is quite impossible practical to take leave for each interview. There is no assurance that he will be offered if he attends the interview by taking leave from the regular work.

Some argue that a candidate should invest time if he/she is looking for a new opportunity. But few argue that when you require the best candidate who is fit to work in your organization then you need to invest time as per the candidates convenience.

Is this Company working on weekends?

Some candidates who are attending the interview on weekends may think that they don’t follow work culture and organization makes employees work on weekends. It’s absolutely wrong!

There are many reasons why most organizations prefer having interviews on weekends rather than weekdays. One of the reasons I have explained in the above scenario regarding the preference of the candidates timings. And one other few reasons is not interrupting the sprint schedule of the employee, which is the most important aspect of an organization. For example, by conducting interviews for hiring one or two candidates, at least 10 candidates would attend the second or third round of technical interview which would cost minimum 45 minutes per candidate which means a complete day is lost for more than two employers to conduct an interview. This would impact the sprint plan and deadlines. In order to avoid such interruption the organization prefers having interviews on weekends.

Is this a fair thing for an employer?

Now some may think that the organization is making employees work for an extra day because of their need which can be done on normal weekdays.

In such cases the organization will and should always provide a comp off leave for each employee with different days or sometimes same days whichever organization feels at that time based on their situations.

Finally concluding that weekend interviews are good for both employers and employees but in a certain way which would be fair to everyone who is involved in the process.



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